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About Me


Dawn has over 25 years of experience in the childcare industry, coaching and collaborating with families of all backgrounds (even some celebrities and professional athletes too!). As a former nanny, parenting coach and mother of three, she has a bird's eye view of the type of challenges that parents face on a daily basis and has winning strategies on how to effectively handle them. She has a wide range of experience in all child-rearing related issues. - ranging from ages 0 to 5.


As a mother of a teen, tweens and one in between she understands the demands of modern parenthood and can help you strike the right balance for your family. 



Dawn's Philosophy

Dawn is extremely down to earth, approachable and has (probably) heard it all. Her clients choose her for her honest approach to parenthood all the while maintaining a safe and secure environment for open dialogue. 

She is known for counseling her clients with a real talk approach and her personal philosophy is to raise her children with open, honest and kind communication. 

Dawn understands every client has individual needs and works with each family to uncover the root of their struggles to create a customized plan. Each plan is tailored to meet the individual needs, comfort, and lifestyle of the family.


Regardless of your background, parenting experience or marital status Dawn believes parenting doesn't have to be so hard. If you need an additional perspective in a non-judgemental setting - Dawn is a good fit for you!

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