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Whats an awake window?

An awake window is the duration of time an infant / child can stay awake before needing to go back to down to sleep. As children get older, these windows spread out, the daytime sleep needs decrease until eventually around the age of 3+, children do not need to nap at all.

How do I use the chart?

First of all find your Childs age, in the left hand column.

As you scroll across from left to right, you can then see how much nightime sleep your child should be getting, under night hr’s.

Go over one more column to Nap hours, this reflects the total number of daytime sleep divided by the number of naps, needed per age group.

The last column reflects the pattern you should follow: so I am going to use the 6-9 month age group as an explanation.

In the last column the pattern reflects: 2/2.5-3 – 4 – with the total amount of daytime sleep between 2 naps = 2.5-3 hours.

The naps would then fall like this using 6am as the start time.

6am – up

8.00am – 8.30am ( 2-2.5 hrs later) nap 1.

Next nap would then fall 3 hours from the end of nap 1. (so if we pretend that nap 1 was 1 hour, this would take us to around 9.00am/9.30am).

+ 3 = 12 / 12.30pm for nap 2.

The last window is 4 hours, so lets pretend again that the second nap ran for 2 hours, this would take us to 2-2.30pm.

+ 4 = bedtime of 6/6.30pm.

How do I get one?

You can download the pdf version, of you can comment below that you would like one and I will connect with you and mail you one out.