Awake Window Chart

Need help with your baby or toddlers routine?

Not sure how long their naps should be or for how long? 

Lots of babies will cry or fuss before falling to sleep, as its a way for them to unwind, but there is a fine line between babies and toddlers being under-tired and overtired - parents are often worried about their baby being in an overtired state as it can take longer for them to settle down.

It's good to use awake windows to gauge the right amount of awake time to help with this.

Not sure when to drop naps or how long they should be?

When a baby is going down at the right time, they should always be asleep within 20 minutes - if its taking longer than this, you are probably not using the right window. 

This chart will help you now and later, it covers newborn to the age of 3, and shows how much sleep per age group. How many naps.How long they should be and What the pattern of awake time should be between naps.

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