Lots of you are probably getting ready now, to pack your bags, strollers, carseats, bottles, baby-wipes, diapers and a plethora of other items, before heading back home for the holidays.

Although there are other posts on here, that offer travel tips.  I wanted to bring home (no pun intended), the 3 top tips to help you stay on track through the hustle and bustle of festivities and possibly the odd hangover!!

Logistical issues

1. If you can have your child sleep in their own space, do.

Having little ones (esp babies) in with you, when they are used to sleeping in their own environment, can cause their sleep to come off track.  You are a variable to their sleep when you come to bed,  get up to go to the bathroom, snore in your sleep or talk in your sleep. If there is not enough rooms to spare, then create a space for them as far away from you as possible and run white noise to mask noise.   If you can add a barrier so they can’t visually see you, this can help too.  Feel free to get creative, when my youngest was only a few months old and we went camping, he slept in a drawer.

Time zone changes

2. Work on real time, where you are.

if you are going from the West Coast to the East Coast, work on their time zone when you get there. Don’t try to catch up on sleep or make up time, just roll with it.  The more anxious you are about making up for lost sleep the more likely you will give yourself issues and come off track. Its always easier to land at your destination in the afternoon (local time), but with flight delays due to bad weather and the amount of travellers, even the best of planners can get thrown off.

Flight delays are totally out of your control!!

The sleep set up

3.  Take the bedding with you from home.

and….. don’t wash it before you leave, take blankets, and stuffies’ that make little ones feel safe.  If you have a pack n play you are travelling with, have your little one sleep in it at home prior to leaving. That way  you can make any adjustments before hand or take anything that you realize you need to take, with you.

I do wish you safe travels and a very Merry Christmas!

If you are reading this post, after the fact, and are now home and need help getting back on track – contact us!