1 to 0 Naps, How To Do Quiet Time

Updated: Jul 7

nap transition 1 to 0
1 to 0 Naps

Quiet time LOL .. with a toddler, yeah right!

Coming off the back of my last post, around the 2 to 1 Nap transition, I wanted to follow it up with the 0-1 Nap transition and what quiet time should look like.

In This Post We Will Cover:

  • Signs that it's time to transition to no nap (hold onto the tears, you will get your evenings back)

  • The most common age to transition to no naps, but quiet time

  • How to transition from 1 nap to no nap

  • What to expect when you transition from 1 nap to quiet time

Signs that it is time to transition to no naps

Your child is putting you to bed! Or can outlast the time that you can stay up until. When a child is napping and they no longer need to nap, the bedtime can become SOOO late - and if you are sticking with an earlier, bedtime your evening would be fuelled with delay tactics.

Unfortunately, if your child is in daycare, this can become a real sticky situation, with most daycare's insisting that they have to, by law allow your child to take a break and that they can't wake them up. I find that this is worse in larger centers than small day homes, which are often more willing to work with you and your needs.

In the case where the daycare can't do or won't do, anything about it, you will be stuck until your child leaves the center or stops falling to sleep during the rest period.

When a child is still napping and it is no longer needed, you will also see that the overall sleep may fall shorter than recommended. Overnight sleep is usually in the 10-12 hr range, so what can happen as they get older is the nighttime range drops to 8 or 9 hours, with the nap. Here is an example of what I mean.

Wakes up at 6 am

Naps at 1 pm

Wakes up at 3 pm

Falls to sleep at 10 pm

The overnight sleep range is only 8 hours. With the added nap duration of approx. 2 hours your child is only getting 10 hrs per 24, whereas if you cut the nap out, they would go to bed 12 hrs from waking and sleep 12 hr, or thereabout. So the actual count of sleep is increased.

Do this calculation and see where your child falls, if the overnight sleep is less than 10 hrs, it might be time to drop the nap or shorten it in preparation for it being removed.