3 Potty Training Faux pas

So lot's of question's and comments are popping up on the Facebook Campaign for the GETTING STARTED WITH POTTY TRAINING FREE e.Book for parents who are thinking about Potty training.

For parents who have already 'tried' Potty Training or are in the process now, I am seeing similar questions & comments being posted in the thread.

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I thought it would be handy to write a post about the 3 most common FAUX PAS', when in the potty training process, to help you out!


Common Issue: Refusal to sit on the potty.

I am not surprised to see this come up ALOT.

Parents perceive it as stubbornness and then feel helpless, when their child refuses to sit on the potty/toilet.

If you ASK your child: Do you want to sit on the potty? or Have you had a poo?

You are actually giving them the option to say YES or NO, so they can choose the outcome. It will often be the answer you are NOT looking for.


Don't ask them if they want to sit, if they want to go, if they have had a poo, if they have wet underwear, when you know the answer, or when you want a particular outcome.