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4-6 Month Sleep Training E-Guide Course

Do you dread bedtime with your little one?

Is putting them down a struggle?

Are you spending endless hours rocking and singing them to sleep?

If you’ve answered YES, you need to explore sleep training for your baby.

DID YOU KNOW I have a 4-6 Month Sleep Training E-Guide?

What is included?

It is packed full of goodies for you such as;

  • A 49 page e.Guide

  • One 30 minute call ( certain packages only)

  • 5 emails with yours truly ( certain package only)

What will be covered?

  • Summary of sleep goals for this age group

  • Common concerns for this age group

  • Pre sleep training checklist - what items you need

  • Suggested Daily Routine - naptime and feeding placement

  • About sleep training - The learning curve

  • Step by Step breakdown of strategy - Night by night guidance

  • Common Questions & Answers -

  • Expectations by night - what will happen as my baby goes through this process

Does this seem like the perfect thing to save yours and your child's sleep right now?

Then click here to buy now!

Wanting an option without the phone call? Click here to book without a phone call.

Dawn Whittaker is a a Mum of 3, and former nanny - Need help with your toddler? scroll through her products, to see what support you can get to get you through the tough times.

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