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7 Sleeping Tips For Exhausted Parents

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Sleeping Tips For Exhausted Parents

Are you exhausted? Creating a healthy sleep routine as a busy parent is hard. Here are a few tips that can help get your sleeping back on track.

Routine - Set your biological clock; Eat meals at the same time everyday so that you don’t upset your blood sugar levels, set yourself a realistic bedtime (10.30pm) and wake-up time (6.00-6.30am), Allow for 6.5-8 hours of sleep. Get up 30 minutes before the kids, have a coffee in peace and go over your list in preparation for the day. If the kids are up early, then go to bed earlier! Keep in mind that you as parents are arguably the most important members of your family. So, your health and sleep are a priority too.

Limit Caffeine – Limit caffeine from 3pm onwards and drink milk, herbal tea or water as an alternative.

Notes - Make a list ‘to do’ list for the next day so that things are not playing on your mind when you get into bed. Get your thoughts down on paper.

Wind down – Allow for a wind down period before you get into bed, don’t go from one extreme (finishing off work on the computer) to another (jumping into bed) expecting to go to sleep. Give yourself some time in between to wind down.

Relax – Once in bed, you need to be comfortable so you can relax, have the room dark and quiet. If a partner is a snorer prevents you from dropping off, try sleeping at the other end of the bed for a few nights or invest in some quality ear plugs.

Close your eyes, relax and listen to yourself breathing.

On waking – Get some natural light; this will help set your biological clock, if its winter, think about investing in a clock, which also lets off light to wake you up more naturally.

Early bedtime for children – Get you children off to bed early so that you can get everything done and wind down. If you are struggling with this, I can help. Book a consult and get your baby or toddler's sleep on track so that you can get the rest you need too.

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