All about Night feeds

Updated: Mar 30

What is a Nightfeed?

It’s a breastfeed or bottle feed, offered in the core night or active sleep phase, which runs between 11.30pm and 5am.

Who should have a Nightfeed?

All babies who are under 12lbs, would have 2-3 feeds over night - one of those feeds would likely be in a deeper sleep and 1-2 will be in active sleep.

What is the difference between a night feed and a dreamfeed ?

A dreamfeed is given in a deep sleep and is initiated by the parent, a night feed is usually in active sleep | core night and is often given at arousal points where the baby has woken up ( so baby led not parent led )

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When should I stop doing a nightfeed?

It can be difficult to remove night feeds, if your baby is petite, they should be at least 12 lbs before you even consider removing it, and most parents will think about removing night feds when they are working on improving their babies sleep - its very difficult to remove night feeds, if a baby has any kind of sucking related association at bedtime ( soother to sleep, nursing to sleep or bottle to sleep )

How should I remove a nightfeed?

There are two ways to remove it, you can phase it out, by reducing down how long you breastfeed for until you hit around 3 minutes, or you can reduce down how much you offer in the bottle until it’s around 2floz - please note that as mentioned before, its hard to remove if you are helping your baby fall to sleep at bedtime - when you remove night feed, you are not stopping your baby waking up, you are only changing how they go back to sleep.

You can also just cut it out cold turkey