🎶 All I Want For Christmas Is... 🎶 A Potty Trained Toddler !

I remember when my youngest Hendrix was little, I was so done with nappies. Seeing as he was my third, and that I had been a nanny prior to having kids, I'd changed my fair share of nappies and I was ready to say goodbye to them forever! So, I traded nappies for helping others be rid of them permanently too.

In order to help take some of the pressure off of ourselves to get potty training done immediately, I like to break the process down into two categories; laying the foundations and potty training itself.

Today I'm talking about laying the foundations which is really designed to get toddlers interested and excited about the act of using the potty, as well as normalizing it too. Foundation laying includes; placing the potty in a visible and accessible everyday spot that your toddler frequents regularly, reading potty books daily, and doing diaper changes in the bathroom.

As I mentioned, the goal of laying the foundations is to get toddlers excited about the process. We can really influence this for them, so get started taking about, and making it sound like going to the bathroom, the most exciting thing ever!!!

The best time to start laying the foundations for potty training is around the age of 18 months. Ideally, you want to start as soon as your child shows signs of readiness.

Signs of readiness may include; your child telling you they have to pee or poo right before or after they do it, removing their diaper, showing an interest in your use of the potty etc.

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This week I'm also running a Free Potty Training Seminar which is perfect for families wanting to potty train but who are unsure of where to start. We'll Cover:

Signs of readiness