Are Crib Bumpers safe?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

This is such a common question. The crib bumper usage is confusing.

We are told NOT to use them, but they are still available for purchase and are often on show in stores, when looking to purchase your nursery set up.

Let's start by looking at?


Originally, they were made of cotton and stuffed to create a padding around the edge of the crib, which are usually wooden and slatted.

They have ties to secure them, so that they can not be pulled off, and land on top of a baby.

Due to a common day anxiety around sleep and safety. A more common option is a mesh bumper. HOWEVER, it barely gives any protection against the head of an infant, as it has zero padding which is what the original bumper was all about.

Designed to prevent bashing and banging of those delicate bones.

The mesh one is only a good investment if you are not using a sleep sac, as it can stop your baby getting their limbs stuck, through the slats. But if you are trying to prevent your baby hurting themselves, then it would be money down the drain.

If you still feel torn and don't want to use anything around the crib, as sleep sac is an alternative option to avoid limbs getting stuck (legs only), arms may still get stuck.


Let's start with the pros.

Protection from the crib slats in general - which are usually hard.

Protecting the head - babies will often bang their heads both accidentally and some children will bang their head as away to soothe, but when done so on the slats, they can get some minor bruising.