Are Sleep Sacks for Babies Safe?

Updated: Jun 2

Sleep Sacks for babies
Are sleep sacks good for babies?

Wow, that's a mouthful!

The market has exploded with sleep products over the last 10 years, and whilst some are proving to be loved by parents, there are also some that really are a waste of money.

Sleep sacs, sleep sacks or sleeping bags for babies fall into the 'LOVED BY PARENTS' category. I have not yet ever heard a parent complain or tell me anything negative about the use of these little bags and from a safety perspective. They are extremely safe compared to the loose bedding, which was a more traditional choice of bedding, back in the day.

So what makes a sleep sack or sleeping bag a SAFE choice for your baby?

  1. Your number one concern when it comes to your child’s sleep should be safety, this is often hard for parents overnight as we are asleep, so if any product or item in the crib is going to make you uneasy whilst you (supposedly sleep), then omit it.

  2. For babies under 6 months, look for a sleep sac that has snaps under the arms. This stops your baby from wriggling into the bag and having the material cover their face.

  3. Sleep sacs are the next step up from swaddling, as babies get bigger they have to have access to their arms, so a sleep sack will allow them the freedom that they need to move and groove around the crib, swimming up the crib and flipping back to front and then front to back.

  4. Sleep sacs often offer a source of comfort to a parent, as you know your baby is not out of their blankets, which is the main issue with loose bedding. As they move around, they can also get blankets stuck on their heads or tangled up in their little limbs.

  5. MOST good quality sleep sacs are tog rated, which will also give you peace of mind that they are not too hot or not too cold. Babies have immature regulation and will often have cold hands and feet but their core temperature is fine.

  6. Use cotton when possible, as polyester can make babies sweat and this can cause a wet patch on their backs, no one wants to sleep in a wet patch right!

  7. They are loose-fitting around the hips and legs giving your baby space to move around with no chance of your creating hip dysplasia, which can happen with swaddling incorrectly.

  8. You can change their diaper without having to take them out of the crib unless it is a poop explosion - up their back - down their legs, you know what I'm talking about right!

Is a sleep sack necessary?

It's absolutely personal preference. There are many choices of bedding and sleepwear, BUT when it comes to your baby, YOU decide what works best. They are certainly common items for parents to use, and also offer a source of comfort in the routine for many children.

Do I need a sleep sack for sleep training?

No, you do not need a sleep sack for sleep training to