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Benefits of hiring a Parenting Coach

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Benefits of hiring a Parenting Coach
Benefits of hiring a Parenting Coach

I know for lots of new parents, seeking help, asking for help or letting your feelings and frustration's out, can sometimes make you feel like you are failing or being judged.

It's hard to know where to go and who to believe.

When you are in a cycle, it's hard to know where to break it.

The internet, parenting forums, support groups, and books all seem to offer conflicting messages and getting the right answer to YOUR question, about YOUR baby and YOUR unique situation, can be confusing.

Want to know what the process looks like, when you work with a coach? or how a coach can help you?

A coach will help you find clarity as well as solutions

In my day to day consulting, I will ask my clients to

Bullet point their current issues'?

Bullet point their goals'?

I would then determine

What is the root cause of the issue

Are the goals realistic that the client has set out for themselves

Parenting coach success
Parenting coach

Talking through the points

Living in this electronically world we have to remember, as human beings,

We still need human connection.

Being listened to

Being offered empathy

Having the opportunity to talk to another human being, is often key in a client success.

Creating a solid plan

A solid plan is put in place to take clients from A to B. Time lines are determined, the order of changes are listed, solutions are offered, expectations are listed.

Not having to navigate the process and yo-yoing between different ideas, schools of thought and training methods.


Probably the most important factor in all of this, being made accountable for your own actions, helping you stay focused and on track.

Being accountable to someone, and having the confidence knowing you are doing it right is huge. It's easy to deviate when you are doing things on your own, and questioning whether it's the right thing. 

Knowing you are doing it right as a parent
Knowing you are doing it right

Of course, you can try to make changes on your own, but if your going to be making a change, you want to do it right.

Your baby / child is not an experiment, so if you try this, that or the other, you might not get very far and this can also results in tears all round.

I see this daily, where clients have read a couple of different things, watched you tube videos, and then tried to piece meal different bits of information together.

Books can offer knowledge, but clients often become confused. "Where do I fit into the book? Do I have time to read it? I have a question, but I cant ask anyone.

Facebook can be a good social platform to  post questions, but then depending on how someone perceives your question and how the journey has been for them, the amount of answers can be overwhelming, and your still no better off. As they don't seem to quite fit your scenario. 

Asking friends and family. Can have mixed results, emotions can run higher between family members and Grandparents, often say ' I can't remember' !

The premise of any coach or consultant is:


Parents counselled
Parents counselled

Have questions?

Not sure if you should hire a coach?

Not sure if it will work?

Not sure if your issue can be solved?

Connect with Dawn today !

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See you in there!


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