Fall Back Tips and Tricks For Babies and Toddlers

On the evening of October 31st, don't forget to set your clocks back by 1 hour. YES!!!! we all get to gain a glorious extra hour of sleep or an extra hour o hang out in bed...... BUT.... if you are the parent of a little one, maybe not!

A change of routine in your little ones sleep schedule can be nerve wracking. For a lot of parents, the fall back time change is especially daunting as 5am becomes 4am (which is now not even early, but still the middle of the night).

Here are two approaches for you to use as preventative measures. 1. COLD TURKEY

Keep your child up on the first night (up to one hour later than their normal bedtime) and in the morning if they wake early maintain your normal routine by the clock. Hold off from getting them up until their normal wake time if you can. You may have to be a little strict about it by putting them back to bed. This is an easier approach with older children than with babies. 2. GRADUAL

For small babies, under 9 months of age: Beginning on Thursday, you can create a small offset of around 15 minutes by putting your baby to bed at 7.15pm instead of 7pm. Everyday following (Friday and Saturday), do the same thing, so when the clocks go back an hour, you are back to 7pm on real time.

Example Schedule for 7pm bedtime:

Thursday: 7:15pm bedtime

Friday: 7:30 pm bedtime

Saturday: 7:45pm bedtime

Sunday: 7pm bedtime new time which is 8pm old time.

For babies over 9 months of age to 18 months: You can use the same strategy but starting on the Friday and doing an offset of 20 minutes, and again on Saturday.