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How poor quality sleep effects the work place

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

poor quality sleep

Young families are constantly seeking the Holy Grail of a sound night's sleep, and HR departments want to bring out the best in their employees. But for most modern families, juggling a career and a young family can be overwhelming. We have some suggestions for parents seeking a better work/sleep balance.


The National Sleep foundation reports that "drowsy workers are costing [sic] employers an estimated 18 billion annually in lost productivity."

If you add in errors, damage, and health consequences, the costs are even higher.

For these parents, the biggest challenge is knowing where to go to find answers, that’s why this profession is so valuable. Our work with parents can have a significant impact on both work and home lives.

"When a child is not sleeping tension builds between parents, they often disagree on how to make changes and the lack of sleep they are experiencing only add’s fuel to the fire. Not only does poor sleep affect the immediate family dynamic at home, but it can also affect a person’s productivity at work, resulting in poor work results and low energy at the office.” -

Dawn Whittaker, Founder


1. Have a routine that supports a consistent bedtime and wake up time. This is good for both adults and children. 2. Create a conductive sleep environment. Have a place to sleep and stick to it, don’t change the conditions – keep them the same. 3. Allow time for change, if you or your little one has issues sleeping it will take time to make changes, just because you don’t see results instantly. Make sleep a priority, don’t boast about how little sleep you need, this can also reflect on how your child views it.

4. We would like sleep revolution concepts to be adopted by the ‘corporate culture’ to support their employees who struggle with infant sleep issues because, in the long run, it will save them money and get better results for their businesses. By supporting families, companies can create a very positive work environment.

Need help! You know you can reach out.

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