How to get off the bottle and onto a cup.

I often get emailed about how to wean a child off a bottle or how much much a toddler should be drinking.

When babies are born they have a very strong sucking reflex, this innate ability to latch onto something, is what helps them thrive!

Anything that goes skims a babies mouth is at risk of getting sucked in!

Your breast, your neck, your cloths, your finger. Anything they can grab onto.

Babies are oral learners, they engage and learn about their environment though their mouths.

It does not have to be hard, and if you have a young child and want to avoid them having the bottle for a prolonged period of time OR if you are a parent of an older child and want to

Sucking on the bottle, breast or soother are all forms of comfort.

Whther the baby is fed by the bottle or by the breast, its still a combination of sucking and warm liquid.

I can see how as children get older, parents become worried about taking it away, for the fear of removing 'comfort'.