How to Introduce Solids

Although parents are often excited about offering their little one new foods to see which ones tantalize their taste buds, lots of parents do get confused now how, when and what they should do.

As with anything child or baby related, there is a plethora of information out there, so even though you may be well read, you still end up feeling like you don't know what and you don't know where, these first foods should go.

5 tips to help you get going on this exciting (but messy) time!

1. Don't go nuts!

A few years ago this would have been literally, but they are now loosening up on the whole nut front. What I mean by this is; don't overwhelm your little ones tummy. You have to remember, they have only had liquids to date, if you go in too hard, with a variety of food or too much of the same food, then you will cause gassiness, fussiness and possibly some constipation.

2. Offer water with food!

Try to normalize drinking water and eating some food, this can help with the digestion and also help with any constipation.

Your baby is not going to glug water like they do milk. They will only take small sips here and there.

Offer it in a sippy cup and in between spoonfuls / mouthfuls. It takes time for little ones to get used to this, don't worry if they cough and splutter, in order for them to get used to it, you have to keep doing it.

3. Don't offer too many NEW foods at the same meal.