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Marriage & Parenthood

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Marriage & Parenthood

I've heard some funny stories over the years. I have a few from my own household too.

Here are some quotes from parents on parenthood and how it change's everything. I have to say that even though I am in the childcare industry and had LOT'S of experience with children (before having my own) a lot of what others have said pretty much mirror's my own thoughts and feelings when I was a new Mum.

- What the Women had to say -

"What I get from other women is what I need, and that is help. I do not even have to ask other women for help, they just volunteer. What do I get from my husband? I get a sink full of dirty pots, a pile of dirty clothes and a child dressed for church in a football shirt" " I really resent that he wants to take off for five hours to play golf on a Saturday, then he expects me to be oh-so-grateful because he watches the kids while I go to yoga for an hour" "My husband said to me, what is the big deal in taking care of one baby - how hard can that be?" "I was so tired that I actually tried to breastfeed Toms arm one night - (FYI - Tom is her husband" "My husband had the unfortunate experience of telling me to nap when the baby naps - I told him, F*@# you, your at work. You take a nap." "Why am I the only one in the house who knows where the dummy is, baby wipes and sippy cups are? Where the hell has he been living for the last three years?"

- What the men had to say -

" I feel like I'm having an affair with my best friend - I try to see him once a week after work before catching the usual train home. Don’t tell my wife - if she finds out she will insist I come home an hour earlier instead" "The baby is great and all, but when are things going to get back to normal around here? When will my wife stop the control freak stuff? When will she be nicer to be and remember that I exist? and tell me this: will I ever get a Saturday morning to myself again without being made to feel guilty?" "I would stand over the cot and the first thought that would come into my head was - I had better go and make more money" "What happened to the women I married - she has turned into a complete control freak" "My wife wanted to do everything herself, one night she was trying to breastfeed our son and he was not latching on. He just kept screaming. I suggested that she give him a bottle of formula. It was as if I had told her to give the baby arsenic. The crying got so bad I just went and made him a bottle and fed it to him. Problem solved - NO. Then she started crying because she thought she was an awful mother, and the fact that I had been able to calm him down made it even worse." "For three months she did not let me take Avery anywhere near the bathtub - then at month four she bit my head off because I did not know how to give her a bath." "TGIF - that's a joke - thank God it's Monday more like - I kiss my desk on a Monday morning".

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