My child won't eat - 3 tips!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Mealtime can turn into a major battle field for lots of young families, with dinner time being the primetime for toddlers and young children to act up.

So many clients will email me, declaring their child is a picky eater.

As I start to dig a little deeper into what is going on, thats actually not always the case, even though, that is the perception.

What classifies a picky eater?

I would say:

It's a young child who just won't eat anything except a few 'safe foods' or prefers to just swallow soft foods, like yoghurt....... NO lumps!

Sometimes these issues can be mechanical and will need further investigation from a complex feeding team.

Sometimes, these issues are actually more around behaviours - in the latter cases, that's where I can help.

Here are some common struggles that I hear parents talk about.

Struggle No.1.


This can make all your efforts of spending time making a nice family dinner, go out the window, along with your sanity.

Dinner becomes a game of: