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New baby ? What you really need on the 'TO GET LIST'..

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

New baby ?  What you really need on the 'TO GET LIST'

It's so easy to get caught up in buying nonsense before your little one arrives.

There are so many gadgets and gizmos out on the market now, you take a walk through a baby store, and totally get carried away filling your buggy to the brim as you waddle through the aisles. 

The funniest thing with babies is that; they are so small - yet all their 'items' are so bloody big!




Baby gym


If you live in a one bedroomed apartment, there is barely room to swing a cat once the baby has arrived.

You only need to have the basics in the beginning, remember babies have basic needs -


Talking about clean bottoms if you have not seen it, I would HIGHLY suggest you watch the documentary 'babies' from 2010.

I have seen it a few times and it always amuses me and makes me smile,

I find it utterly fascinating, how all these babies will feel loved, and recognize who their parents are,  despite their lives being so polar opposites.  

It goes back to what I have said many times, that infants know no different, and they have no expectations. its us that puts it on us/them.

This documentary follows Filmmaker Thomas Balmès criss-cross the globe to observe and record the first two years in the lives of four infants and their families.

Family 1. Ponijao is the youngest of nine children and lives in a village in Namibia

Family 2. Bayarjargal's family lives in Mongolia

Family 3. Hattie is a San Francisco couple's first child

Family 4. Mari is the first child of a couple living in Tokyo

Little Ponijaos' Mum doesn't have baby wipes, she just wipes his bum with a stone and the flicks the poop away.

Bayarjargal is mainly looked after by a rooster, whilst his Mum is out in the field working.

Hatties parents, are much like the rest of us in North America, she goes to music class once a week, my favourite scene is when the kids are all trying to get out of the room and the parents are sat around in a circle play the instruments. (The irony).

If you have not seen it, you can see the trailer here:

After you have watched this, go back to your list of things you thought you needed, and see if you still feel you need everything on there.

I'm curious to know though, what was your 'couldn't live without it' item, and the one that you felt you wasted the MOST money on.

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