Potty training whilst in Quarantine

There has never been a better time to potty train!

Whilst the world has gone on hold and parents and children are laying low at home. This creates the PERFECT environment to ditch the diapers and start using the toilet paper (if you can find some).

As the economy is taking a hit, we have designed some affordable packages to allow anyone who still needs help with this process, to get the same expert advice and support, in a more affordable manner.

I repeat, if you have been thinking about potty training, NOW is the time.

However, questions around this process will still arise.

It's NOT an easy process for lots of parents and toddlers.

One of the BIGGEST barriers to potty training is the ability to stay home all day for those first few days.

In todays society where we have so much freedom. Staying home is challenging.

It's one of the reasons why parents resort to pulling their hair out through this process and asking . 'why is potty training so hard?'

3 phases of Potty Training - What phase are you on?