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Sleep Solutions Baby

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

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Case Study:

Adam 10 months.

Adams' Mum reached out to me when he was around 10 months old.

She was going to back to work.

Adam was going to start a daycare.

How would she function with a demanding job & lack of sleep?

Until the age of 9 months, Adam had been an 'okay' sleeper according to his Mum, waking up 1 - 2 times a night to breastfeed and would go back to his crib easily, and sleep until around 6.30am.

She found this manageable. BUT his new over night routine, was concerning her. She was starting to feel frustrated, more exhausted and at her 'wits end'

Adam was now waking up 3-4 times over night and would stand and cry in his crib until his Mum or Dad would go in, when his Dad would go in, Adam would become even more upset and point at the door.

He would keep this behaviour up until his Mum would come in and breastfeed him.

Sleep Solutions Baby

Although Adams' parents tried to keep him in his bed all night long, they would around 2.30-3am, being him into their bed. He would go back to sleep but sleep restlessly until 5.30am, when he would fall back to sleep until around 6.30am before waking up to start the day.

Adam's Mum was at a loss, she had tried several techniques and strategies over night with Adam, but was not able to change his pattern.

In fact she felt like it was the worse, it had ever been.

At the end of her rope, she reached out for help. After a one on one consultation,

She was talked through:

HOW and WHY Adam was behaving this way.

WHAT the correct responses.

Age appropriate recommendations.

HOW long it would take.

WITHIN 2 weeks, Adam was sleeping through the night 10.5 hrs, and napping twice a day.  


A few weeks later:  Adam settled into daycare via their gradual entry program, in time for her return to work.

I followed up with her a few weeks after her return to work to see how things were going.

She told me: "this experience was eye opening, and was money well spent, I wish I had reached out to you earlier"

Does this case study ring true with you?  Contact Dawn to find out more and what we can do for you!

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