Teething and Sleep

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Worried that teething is going to cause sleep issues?

Not sure how to handle over night wakings if your baby is in pain with new teeth popping through?

Lots of parents start sleep training and have fantastic results only to hit a few bumps in the road at a later time.

Teething is NOT the main cause of sleep problems. But if your baby is not a good sleeper anyway, then it can make your baby's sleeping worse, and is often blamed as being the culprit for poor sleep.

If you baby is sleeping through the night and then starts to teeth, it can be hit and miss as to whether teething pain will effect your baby. Some teeth may be more troublesome than others, but usually those babies that sleep well PRIOR to teething will breeze through it better.

Its safe to say, if your baby appears really grumpy and in pain through the day with teething pain, then it could genuinely be teething pain at night too, so you should expect it, and be preventative.

You can usually tell by the cry, that it is a more genuine pain.

Typically, pain cries are higher pitched, but overnight as you staggered into the room all blurry eyed - they sometimes all sound the same.

Check for other signs before defaulting to helping your baby go back to sleep or going back to bed.

Huge bright red cheeks which are hot to the touch

A snotty nose (clear not green).

Look in the mouth - can you see a purple lump and a little white head ?

Whimpering or have a hard time letting you touch their gums?

Are they upset no matter what you do?

Continues to cry and throw themselves around not matter what you do?

When the pain is genuine you can't ignore it.

It's your job is to treat the pain at the root cause (no pun intended). What I mean by this is, rocking your little one back to sleep won’t stop the tooth coming in, nor will it take the pain away.