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What childcare do you need?

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Thinking of hiring some help to give you an extra set of hands or let you go out to. run some errands, leaving your little one at hone ?

It can be a fairly daunting process when you. first start looking.  I talk to my clients a lot about hiring help, as its often a common move post sleep training and prior to a parent returning to work.  Being an ex. nanny myself, I feel I can offer them a few nanny insights.

The first thing you have to figure out is, who/what you are looking for.  Many clients get caught up in looking at profiles online,  without really thinking about the proper job description or job title.

There is an actual hierachy to child givers,  and it goes like this:

* Governesshired to look after and teach children in a private home setting - full time $65,000 - $80,000 a year, plus perks and benefits. A governess is a professional who would work 50-70 hrs a week.

* Proxy parent - live in parent, from 24 hrs to several weeks. Usually used if the parents are going away and needing round the clock care. $200.00 per 24 hrs.

* Nanny - Live in / Live out - I find that the word nanny is a very broad term and often clients will say they are looking for a nanny, but when I do a little deeper, they are really looking for a mothers help. A nanny is a professional who is pursing this as his/her full time and long term career. Some nannies actually go to school and spend years, mastering their nanny skills, like those who graduate from the famous and much loved Norland.

Live in - 40-60 hrs a week - $12.00 - $14.00 an hour, own room and bathroom, many will also be provided with a car, gas allowance, credit card for expenses & medical/benefits. A Norland nanny however, would be double to triple this.

Live out - 40-60 hrs a week - $15.00-25.00 an hour may also be provided with perks, such as a car, travel pass, credit card.

* Caregiver - Live in / Live out - although caregivers are pursuing employment within a home looking after children, most are not doing this as a long term career and may have limited knowledge in childcare development.  40 hrs a week $14.00 an hour and some times wages are docked for living expenses.

* Mothers help - Live out - this could be an older lady or a young girl, who is looking for some extra money whilst usually studying or raising their own family or have raised their own family. Most positions involve the parents being around, and the helper is doing tasks that extend outside of childcare duties. This position is usually part time. Average wage would be $ 12.65+

* Aupair - Live in - usually a young girl from a foreign country, they don't technically get 'paid', but they get spending money from you in return for household chores and some overseeing of your children (usually the children are preschool age or school age). They usually come on a student visa so enrolling in an English class or similar is advised. You can read more about aupair's here.

* Babysitter - Live out - well back in the day $5.00 a night was the going rate, but I have seen babysitters now charge as much as $10.00/hr, even when the kids are in bed and all they have to do is their home work! Makes for an expensive night out, but there are times when you just have to bite the bullet and spend the dough.

Before hiring someone, think about what tasks you are expecting this potential employee to undertake  - once you know make sure you post / look for the right person by advertising the position correctly. There is no point looking for a nanny when you need a mothers help. or looking for a babysitter and hiring a caregiver. 

Next week I will talk about the interview process and what you can do to help your new employee and yourself.

Need help figuring out, what help you need? Ask me! Im a former nanny, both live in and live out, and also started my career as an au-pair!

  • wages were correct at the time of this blog going live.

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