Toddler Tantrums

If you are a parent of a toddler, then this GIF could be a daily occurrence.

They are perplexing as they are often over something very simple, such as;

What plate or bowl you delivered their breakfast in

What socks YOU are wearing

That they want water, they don't want water

Most of us think of toddlers and those difficult toddler years starting around the age of 2, but I have personally found it more to be around the age of 3 (the threenager).

When you have a toddler, you think back and remember that actually, having a baby was EASY!  Life with toddlers can be draining from dawn to dusk, but it can also be very fun!  (when they are in a good mood - wink, wink)

As a former nanny, having toddlers in my care was by far, my favourite age group to hang out with, nurture and teach. They are so curious and cute, but as you know through your tired parenting eyes, how your toddler is with you and how your toddler is with others, is like having two different children.

One of my clients described day to day life with her toddler twins as:

"Take all the emotions, throw them into a bag, shake really hard and then pull one out and *surprise* that's the feeling of the moment".  

There is crying as soon as anyone leaves the room (even if it's someone they've just met), fear of the dark, spiders & vegetables.

This really made me laugh, as its SO true! 

Toddler's are little creatures of curiosity, impulsiveness and ego-centric rolled into one, just living in the moment, and nothing else matters.