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Toddler Tears & Tantrums in Public

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Toddler Tears & Tantrums in Public

Back in February (before Covid was a thing and we took our kids to public places regularly), a client and I were chatting about how she felt as though all eyes are on her when out in public with an upset child-to the point where it stopped her from doing things or taking the little ones out.

I'm sure you've all been there both as the parent of a child crying in public, and then as a member of the public seeing a fraught Mum in an everyday situations like trying to get groceries.

As a Mum myself, I too used to get a little fraught when out in public when the kids were younger, especially if I knew they were tired. Or remember back when we could take plane rides? There is nothing worse than being on a plane with a baby who doesn't stop crying from take off to landing. It's such a horrible feeling thinking that every other passenger is wondering why you are not doing something more to stop the screaming.

It's so hard when toddler's push our boundaries and when they do it in public there is such and added layer of stress. I just want you to know that NO ONE who is within visual or auditory range is feeling what you are feeling or thinking what you are thinking (hard to believe I know!).

As my kids are now older, I recently witnessed this exact scenario in our local save on foods. But I didn't think anything other than "oh I remember those days" and although I miss the kids being young, with sticky hands and faces, I don't miss the outings that went wrong, so my second thought was "I don't miss dealing with that", I just gave a smile that was half sympathetic and half comical, trying to convey the message - 'its okay I feel for you" along with "children, they are funny aren't they".

A little FACT: children have more tantrums when they are tired. Lack of sleep or poor sleep is often linked to meltdowns in the day - Want to know if your child is sleeping enough? Book a FREE 15 MINUTE CALL to see if your child's sleep is effecting their daytime behaviour.

In the spirit of bringing a little humour in our lives during these stressful times, what's your funniest or worst experience that took place in public with a crying baby or tantrum throwing toddler. Leave a comment below or hop on over to my Facebook Community and leave one there or find more information about my service and experience as a toddler potty training specialist.

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