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Top 5 Ways That Sleep Training Will Change your life

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Dawn Whittaker Sleep training

Last week a lovely client wrote about 5 things she learned while sleep training that changed her life. I love hearing people talk about how much more rested and happy their entire families are after going through the sleep training process.

Over the years, I've received lots of feedback on how sleep training has improved clients' overall patience and happiness. Here are the top five ways clients state that sleep training changes their lives.

1. It creates an easy bedtime routine that anyone can follow

Being the only one who can put a baby to bed or soothe them overnight is overwhelming. Sleep training puts an easy to follow bedtime in place that anyone can follow and takes the pressure off of moms to do it all.

2. It eliminates mental and physical exhaustion

It is difficult to function in our daily routine or to feel engaged as a parent when we are functioning on little or broken sleep. Sleep training helps the whole family feel more rested, patient, and engaged.

3. It ends disagreements between spouses on what to do when the baby wakes up

When one person wants to let the baby cry and the other wants to feed them during night waking, it can be really stressful. Sleep training puts a plan into action that everyone agrees on and eliminates the "we're doing it my way" argument.

4. It Increases Parents' Confidence

Every day parents tell me how implementing a sleep plan boosts their confidence as a parent. When parents feel confident in their ability to put their baby to sleep and start trusting their baby's ability to fall asleep on their own, the entire household feels happier.

5. It eliminates the guesswork when baby's wake up

Sleep training allows parents to stop guessing the reasons why their baby is waking during the night. When a baby wakes due to illness or teething, the wakings become about quickly soothing them or providing medicine to make them feel better and is no longer guesswork about hunger.

Sleep Training Guide for 4-6 Month olds.

This Tuesday Nov. 10th until Thursday Nov. 13th I'll be running a flash sale on my digital Sleep Training Guide for 4-6 Month olds.

The 49 page guide comes with a 30 minute consult with me to talk about your baby's specific sleep challenges.

If you are feeling:

  • overwhelmed and exhausted by your baby's lack of sleep

  • tired of night feeding

  • Irritated by early morning wake ups or

  • In constant battle with your spouse over what to do about your baby's sleep

Then the Sleep Training guide is a great next step for you.

You'll get:

  • A summary of sleep goals for 4-6 month olds

  • A pre-sleep training checklist

  • A suggested daily routine

  • A step by step breakdown of strategy.

  • Common questions and answers

  • Expectations by night.

If you're tired of feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed by your baby's lack of sleep,

hop over to my website this Tuesday and get 25% off the Sleep Guide + 30 min call + 5 emails package. Sale ends Friday Nov. 13th at Midnight PST.

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