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What should my baby wear to bed?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

What should my baby wear to bed?

With some warmer weather fast approaching (or at least it was when I was drumming up ideas about what to write about), I thought it would be a good time to address what babies should ideally wear to bed. As this is a common question, that pops up during one-on-one consultations, and presentations. 

First of all, the ideal room temperature is 17-21 degrees which is cooler, than you may have imagined. 

I often hear new parents worry about their baby not sleeping well because they think they are too hot or too cold.  Usually its best if the air around your baby is cooler, but your baby is snug. Not over heated though!

Baby Sleeping

The reason parents worry, is that they are often checking babies hands / feet, and this is not a good indication of their core temperature.  Instead, you want to check the middle of the chest or back of the neck.

Their sweet little hands and feet are often cold, due to immature circulation systems.

Second, whatever the weather, cotton is usually your best friend, avoid fleece if you can, when babies are small fleece can cause babies to sweat on their backs, as the material gets trapped between their skin and the mattress. Once they have a wet patch, it can be more difficult for them to sleep.

Depending too on where you reside is also going to impact what your baby wears to bed and variables such as heating systems, weather, north v east facing windows.


In a room temperature of 17-21 degrees, dressing your baby/infant in a nappy (diaper), onesie (diaper shirt), baby-gro (all in one sleep suit with feet), and then a sleep sac around 2.5 togs is ideal. 

If its warmer, you can go down in tog rating to a 1.0 tog or a 0.5 tog and also dress your baby up / down in layers accordingly.

Baby Clothes

1.0 tog = 1 blanket,

0.5 tog = sheet,

2.5 tog = 1 sheet, 2 blankets.


Room temp 17-21 degrees

Sleep sacs with hands free, are better than the Zipadee / full on swaddle /merlin sleep suit (I'm sure their are people that love the Merlin sleep suit but its like a bloody snow suit, who would want to sleep in that!)  AND too up the anti here, Tog rated sleep sacs are great as they provide cooler/warmer experiences, based on the room temp, and the time of year. We are not all blessed with A/C.

Check the back of their neck/chest for how hot / cold they really are.

Cotton sleep wear ONLY!

If you are cold, they will be too - typically one light layer extra to what you would be comfortable in.

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