When Is The Best Time To Sleep Train A Baby?

Updated: Feb 7

When Is The Best Time To Sleep Train A Baby
The best time to sleep train a baby

I get asked this A...LOT and there is absolutely NOT one correct answer.

I work with clients from 12 weeks or 12lbs and if a baby is gaining weight well, you can certainly start the sleep training process, but just because you have the green light, doesn't mean you are mentally ready for the process.

There will be multiple variables at play for each family/baby.

When reading online, you might come across the answer 6 months. This is the age where MOST babies can go through the night without feeding. It's also the age, they can be moved into their own room ( suggested age). You can start before this age, but you have to be mindful that babies can't go through the night 10-12hrs without any feeds until they hit the 6-month mark, so your training is more around, self-soothing and placing overnight feeds in their right windows.

As a consultant, I work with children from 3 months to the age of 5 years, with most of my inquiries being in the 4-6 month age group. I think with the sleep cycles changing around the 4-month mark, parents start to realize, that getting up many times overnight is not sustainable.

The right time to sleep train...... is when it's the right time for you.

Here are some things you need to think about, to help you determine when the right time would be and some fun facts that you want to remember, and a few things to take into consideration before jumping in.


Can I be consistent?

Am I prepared to change my own behavior?

Can I deal with some tears from my baby?

Do I have the time to commit?


Nights take 3 weeks and Naps take 6 weeks

The Learning curve is NOT linear

The easiest way to train a baby to sleep better is to be consistent

All props should be removed


Work hours | Return to work dates

Babies weight again

Medical issues ( reflux, colitis, tongue tie to name a few)


Parenting beliefs


I have a variety of different options if you are thinking of sleep training, and need some help. From DIY options to 1:1 and you can even have support for a year!

Sleep Training Consultant Coach
Dawn Whittaker | Training Consultant

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