When Sleep Training Doesn't Work

Updated: Jun 11

When Sleep Training Doesn't Work
When Sleep Training Doesn't Work

If you are co-sleeping and or your baby is using a soother | dummy to fall to sleep. Don't take offence to this image that I am choosing to use under the title of 'When sleep training doesn't work'.

First of all, many parents will resort to doing what works best for them, and in that case, good for you. You are the parent, it's your choice to do what works best for you and your family, there really is no right or wrong, as long as you are all happy and getting some much-needed sleep.

sleep training a baby
Sleep training a baby

I get many emails and phone calls from clients who will tell me that they have 'tried' sleep training several times, and it just didn't work for them. 99% I can turn the sleep around for the better, once the parent understands how sleep works, and what is really going on, how to fix it and then being held accountable for their own behaviour during the training period.

Now I'm not saying that I know everything there is to know, as there are certain variables from family to family, personalities to take into consideration and the depth of the sleep issue at hand.

I honestly think that the definition of sleep training not working, comes down to a few different factors.

  1. What was the initial expectation?

  2. Did you know what the root cause of your initial sleep issue was

  3. Consistent execution of strategy

  4. Understanding the difference between a true sleep issue and a development phase that may temporarily impact the quality of sleep

Let's break each of these down into more detail.