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White noise for Baby?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

White noise for Baby?

A common question from clients who are about to work on their babies sleep is -


and the answer is, not a negative one, and its easy to phase out as children get older.

Now personally, I sleep with white noise, as my (Lovely) husband is a snoerer, and I find it just helps take the edge off.

White noise is one of a few things I recommend that my clients pick up to promote and support baby’s sleep.

There is a huge range in features price on these, and often an inexpensive one is all you need to get the job done and muffle some of those annoying household sounds.

There are also a variety of different ways you can obtain white noise from tangible machines to apps on your phones.

One thing to remember is that if you do choose to use it, the recommended level is 50 dbs. Not sure how to gauge that?

Download a decibel reader on your phone, and then put your phone, where your baby would sleep. Put your white noise on, and then modify the noise level when the reader stops on 50.

1.   Best value for money: HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Sound Machine

This one gets the job done for around $30 and is available at a number of different retailers. One of the things I like about this machine is the dual power option. Pop some batteries in it and if there’s a power outage, the machine will switch over to battery power and continue to generate noise. Battery power is also handy when you travel so you’re not fussing with outlet adapters or trying to find power where there isn’t any (think campsites).

2. Best free app: White Noise Lite

You can create your own mixes with this app. My favourite is the fan/beach combo but your precious sleeper may have a different favourite. If you’re using this on your iPad, make sure to close your cover or turn it face down. The app generates a fair bit of light. The ideal hotel room option as you don’t need to pack anything extra. Not great if you only travel with your phone and want to be watching Netflix while baby sleeps though!

3. Best new product: Hatch Baby Rest

This thing has rocked my world. It’s a combination of a white noise machine and the ubiquitous GroClock, but way easier to operate and sooooo much prettier. I could go on for paragraphs about why I love it so much, but you’re a busy parent with no time for that. So, to summarize: many soothing sound options, many coloured light options to help your toddler or child stay in bed longer in the mornings or comfort them at bedtime, customizable programs, manual or app operation.

Worried about how to remove white noise at a later date? You can just start to phase it out by reducing down how loud it is, over a period of 1-2 weeks.

Most toddlers will ask for you to switch it off as they get older, so you can wait until that moment too.

White noise alone does not create GOOD sleepers, white noise just helps create a sleep conducive environment.

Need more help with your baby and their sleeping habits?

Contact Dawn today or book the sleep training package.

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