Why is Potty Training so hard?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Potty training is one of the most frustrating processes parents go through in toddlerhood.  I have found it to be more stressful for parents then sleep training in MOST cases.

Sleep training seems to be more of an emotional process, and potty training a frustrating one.

The age at which parents start potty training also widely varies. I have personally found that younger toddlers, around the age of 2,  are easier to train than a 3 year old and up.

So, lets look at WHY is Potty Training is so hard?

For those of you who have been through the sleep training process, there is usually a point that you get to where you can't take the lack of sleep anymore. Or you can't take the process of the never ending bedtime routine: all the rocking, bouncing, cajoling etc, that you are enduring, to help your baby fall to sleep.

For some parents, this process can take hours, it's draining, it's time consuming and you feel trapped.

When you feel like this, you feel as though you MUST make some changes, as you can't take it anymore. The summary most clients described is: I AM AT MY WITS END.

So you go about making some changes to make your life better.  

As you work through the process, you will start to feel liberated, positive, more free, you don't feel trapped or stuck in your baby's room anymore.

Wow, this feels great! I feel like a confident parent.


When going through the potty training process, the learning curve and your feelings work in reverse.

Having a child in a diaper offers freedom, liberation, you can go about your day as normal doing all the things you want to do and when - your child is in a diaper, so you can take them anywhere.  There are no boundaries, you just take along extra diapers and wipes, changing them as and when they need to be changed. There is no problem, this is easy.