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Potty Training Made Simple

Potty Training Made Simple

This eBook is designed for parents who want to learn how to potty train their children in a way that’s simple, easy to follow, and gets results.


Potty training can be a confusing and frustrating experience for both parent and child, leaving some parents wondering if their child will be walking down the wedding aisle wearing a diaper!


The aim of this eBook is to help ease this fear and the frustration that often accompanies potty training.

What you can expect from my eBook & video combo: 

  • A deep dive into the "signs of readiness" and how to pay attention to the tiny signals 

  • The Importance of “laying the foundation”, including important storytelling to get your child on board 

  • A deconstructed look at the potty training strategy 

  • How to manage your child “withholding” their bowel movements 

  • How “accidents” should refine your strategy

  • The truth behind the 3-day potty training plan 

  • How to manage your potty training plan with your childcare provider to achieve success together 

  • Motivation tactics that really work! 

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For those who would like additional support from Dawn Whittaker, the option to purchase email support is available in a package.

Available Packages

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