Potty Training Consultant Coach

Potty training doesn't have to be painful

Tired of fighting with your toddler about potty training?

Not sure if you are handling it the right way?

Struggling with pooing in the potty?

Frustrated with the push back? 

By hiring Dawn you will gain a better understanding of the learning curve and what you can expect to see. Step by step guidance to remove ambiguity and gain clarity over the root cause of your toddler's withholding.  

The results? 
Success!  Be a confident more relaxed parent, with an easy bathroom routine.  Life will be less stressful and you will be well on your way to a connected family life.

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Dawn saved us in a potty training crisis. We had a few weeks to train our daughter before she started pre-school, and with Dawn’s help, it only took days. We would definitely recommend Dawn because her methods work. Had we done this months before, it would have saved us a lot of frustration. She truly is an expert when it comes to children.

- Wendy De Hass

Potty Training Packages


Dawn Direct Potty Training

$450.00 + tax



1 X 45 Min private 1-on-1 Consultation: During the phone consultation, we will review your issues and goals in regards to potty training. 

Action Plan:

There is no need for you to take any notes during the call. All of the information will be included in the plan, which will be tailored to your goals and created based on your sleep log.


Please note to receive the complimentary support, you must put your plan into practice within 3 weeks of receiving it

Email Support:

14 days of daily support (one email per day), whilst you implement the changes, from the day that you start making changes.

Sign Off Call:

At the end of your journey, you will book a 15-minute sign off call to go over the changes you have made and answer any questions that you have before setting sail on your own.

Quick Fix Options

Private 1-on-1 Consultation

15 min call, 4 emails $75

30 min call, 6 emails $120

45 min call, 8 emails $200

Ultra Quick Fix: $40

One email correspondence with up to 3 questions. Only available with prepayment here.

Quick fixes are recommended for clients who have minor issues, who have had or want a second opinion on a scenario, problem they are experiencing.

Common topics include: 

  • Infant or Toddler sleep issues

  • Toddler potty training

  • Behavior issues 

  • Toddler picky eating

  • Infant introduction to solids

  • Bottle feeding introduction and best practices

  • Best nanny practices

  • Welcoming a nanny into your home

Really any question you have is OK!


Potty Training

eBook + Video

This eBook + Video combo is designed for parents who want to learn how to potty train their children in a way that’s simple, easy to follow, and gets results.

What you can expect from my eBook & video combo: 

  • A deep dive into the "signs of readiness" and how to pay attention to the tiny signals

  • The Importance of “laying the foundation”, including important storytelling to get your child on board

  • A deconstructed look at the potty training strategy

  • How to manage your child “withholding” their bowel movements

  • How “accidents” should refine your strategy

  • The truth behind the 3-day potty training plan

  • How to manage your potty training plan with your childcare provider to achieve success together

  • Motivation tactics that really work!

*Disclaimer: The program must start within 3 weeks of the consultation call, or the package will expire without a refund of your investment.