All ‘MONTHLY packages’ include:

A private one-on-one consultation.  During the consultation, your issues, goals and sleep journal will be reviewed, you can talk through and touch on your parenting style, expectations, and areas of concern.

A plan of action.  There is no need for you to take any notes during the call. All of the information will be included in the plan, which will be tailored to your goals and created based on your sleep log.

Please note to receive the complimentary support, you must put your plan into practice within 3 weeks of receiving it. 

Complimentary email support. 21 days of daily support, whilst you implement the changes, from the night that you start making changes. 

Sign off call. At the end of your journey, you will book a 15 minute sign off call to go over the changes you have made and answer any questions that you have before setting sail on your own.


ADDITIONAL SUPPORT – QUARTERLY.  This packages include everything listed above as well as extra support, for the additional amount of time. These are beneficial to clients, who have a few areas they would like advice / support in.

Additional support clients, will be provided with a self booking link, that they can use to book 30 minute calls, each month until their package expires.

To make a booking, click on the package you would like to purchase.

Add your information.

Pay the $50.00 non refundable deposit. 


Quarterly Package THREE MONTHS –  $ 750.00

Monthly Package



Talk times (quick fixes / general parenting advice)

45 minutes – 8 emails – 200.00

30 minutes – 6 emails – 120.00

15 minutes – 4 emails – 75.00


e.Guide: Introducing solids and Routine guide. 10.00

29 page guide, covers the introduction of solids & routine examples, for children 4 months to 3 years.    

Email only

$ 35.00 – 3 question limit per email

Dawn can consult with you in many areas:

Sleep issues, potty training, behaviour issues, picky eating, best way to introduce solids, struggling with bottle feeding and how to introduce a bottle, best nanny practises, welcoming a nanny into your home, and many other areas.

Not sure what package to book?  ASK DAWN




Deposit: the $50.00 deposit is non refundable.

Final payment: Your card will be charged the final balance, 24 hours prior to your apt time if you have not already paid in full.

Changing your apt time: You can change your apt time up to 24 hours in advance, without any penalty. You can move your apt one time only.

Cancellation policy within 24 hours: You can not cancel your apt within 24 hours. Cancelling within 24 hours, you will only receive a credit only, minus the non refundable deposit.

Cancelling prior to 24 hours. The $ 50.00 deposit is non refundable. If you need to cancel your apt in advance you can do so by clicking on the Change/Cancel appointment button in your booking confirmation.

Once you have received your plan, there are no refunds or credit exchanges.

Dawn was amazing helping us with sleep learning our 9 month old. He went from waking 4-5 times a night to sleeping through all on his own in 21 days. She worked with us to create a plan that worked for our family and was there to support us every step of the way. It was comforting knowing what to expect through the learning process and to know why baby was doing what he was doing. We are all sleeping now thanks to Dawn! Highly recommend!"

Thien Nguyen August, New York, NY

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