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Sleep Training Consultant Coach 

Want better sleep?

Do you feel overwhelmed, and stressed about your infant's sleep habits? 


Is lack of sleep affecting you and your family's everyday life; your relationship, your parenting ability, and daily tasks? 


Do you feel confused and in disagreement with your spouse, over what you should be doing and how to change things? 

By hiring Dawn you will: 

  • Gain a better understanding of infant sleep overall


  • Receive a step by step guide to remove ambiguity and gain clarity over the root cause of your infants sleep patterns and issues with solutions


  • Get guidance on daily routines and naps for your babies specific age


The results? 


You will feel well-rested, less stressed and will have a connected family life to be a confident more relaxed parent, with an easy bedtime routine and can be done by any caregiver.

Dawn can help you and infants of 12lbs and over, babies from 12 weeks to toddlers of 4 years.

With our basic sleep package, you can have support as well as a personalized plan to get you and your little on one track.


“Dawn was amazing, helping us with sleep training our 9 month old. He went from waking 4-5 times a night to sleeping through all on his own in 21 days. She worked with us to create a plan that worked for our family and was there to support us every step of the way. It was comforting knowing what to expect through the learning process and to know why the baby was doing what he was doing. We are all sleeping now thanks to Dawn! Highly recommended!"

- Thien Nguyen August, New York, NY

Infant Sleep Training Packages


Full Service - 1 Year

$1,400.00 + tax



  • 1:1 - 1-hour Consultation

  • Personalized plan

  • 21 emails over 21 days

  • Sign off call from initial training 

  • Monthly 30-minute ongoing support call

  • Unlimited Email Support

Dawn Direct - 21 Days

$550.00 + tax



1 X 1 hour private 1-on-1 Consultation: During the phone consultation, your issues, goals and sleep journal will be reviewed, you can talk through and touch on your parenting style, expectations, and areas of concern.

Action Plan:

There is no need for you to take any notes during the call. All of the information will be included in the plan, which will be tailored to your goals and created based on your sleep log.


Please note to receive the complimentary support, you must put your plan into practice within 3 weeks of receiving it

Email Support:

21 days of daily support (one email per day), whilst you implement the changes, from the night that you start making changes.

Sign Off Call:

At the end of your journey, you will book a 15-minute sign off call to go over the changes you have made and answer any questions that you have before setting sail on your own.


Basic Dawn Direct 

$350.00 + tax



1 Sleep action plan based on the information you give in a quick online form.

Your plan will include a routine, goals for you to achieve, and how you can achieve them. This package also comes with support so that you can ask questions to help you stay on track.


Dawn Whittaker, will contact you within 24 hrs of completing the form, and a plan will be created based on your personal information and delivered within 48-72 hours. (Monday to Friday only)

Personal Video:

Dawn will make a personal video, talking through your issues and what changes you have to make.


Email Support:

10 emails as support over 3 weeks.

Group Consultation

$250.00 + tax



  • 5 families max

  • 45-minute group call

  • Generic sleep training plan

  • Group support in messenger - 2 weeks


Quick Fix Options

Common topics include: 

  • Infant or Toddler sleep issues

  • Toddler potty training

  • Behaviour issues 

  • Toddler picky eating

  • Infant introduction to solids

  • Bottle feeding introduction and best practices

  • Best nanny practices

  • Welcoming a nanny into your home

Private 1-on-1 Quick Fixes:

15 min call, 4 emails $75

30 min call, 6 emails $120

45 min call, 8 emails $200

eBook: Call - 5 Emails

$190.00 + tax


  • 30 minute 1:1 personalized call

  • Generic eBook (age specific)

  • 5 emails, over three weeks from initiation


Gift Certificate

Buy our Dawn Direct One month Package as a gift for someone whom you know is struggling, or the perfect prenatal gift.

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