Carrie Todd

We have a night and day now. Before reaching out to Dawn, we had one continuous day from birth to 18 months that never seemed to end. We thought it would be impossible, we skeptical that anything could actually work (we thought we had tried everything already) but were absolutely desperate for sleep, any sleep but preferably a lot of sleep.

We felt strongly about not letting our little one cry it out and feel distressed and abandoned. We care so much for our little one andhow it would affect her, so worried it would somehow the process would impact her negatively emotionally. The opposite happened. She knows there are boundaries and knows what to anticipate and what’s expected and she likes it. On top of that, she’s happier, not grumpy, the dark circles are gone from under those little eyes and she’s grown a ton, physically, suddenly even her hair seems to be growing faster too. Her little body really needed all that rest she was missing. Knowing now how much good sleep has affected her, I wish we had done it right away instead of waiting and trying things on our our own and in the end killing our selves with lack of sleep.

So worth it, I’m going to bed now, I’m going to sleep for a long time before I have to get up. It works.



Annie Chung

My baby woke up every 2 to 3 hours for 9 months until I finally decided to look into sleep consulting. At first I was really skeptical with the idea as I felt embarrassed to ask for help on something that seemed so simple and natural to learn. I looked around for several consultants before deciding to go with Dawn. I saw a clip of her on breakfast television and instantly knew she would be the right one to work with us because she had such a calming energy about her. I was so nervous as the day approached to sleep train my little one. Surprisingly the process was extremely easy and smooth. Within 3 days my baby was already sleeping through the night. We were utterly shocked. Everything Dawn predicted would happen, happened. Dawn is a great coach and hiring her is one of the best things you can do for your family.



Shirley Walsh

Dawn was amazingly patient and a great resource when I started the attempts to get my daughter on a schedule and sleeping in her crib. Up until I contacted Dawn Lila only slept with me or on me. As a single mom I had absolutely zero down time. Dawn worked with me in baby steps due to my travel and family complications, and was calm and reassuring even when I was a melting down wreck.ᅠ My daughter now sleeps through the night, takes good naps on her own in her crib, and more importantly I’m a more rested and happy and confident mother. So grateful for the help in getting here.



Nicole Collins

This was, without a doubt, the best money we spent on all things child care related. The support Dawn offered was exactly what we needed to ensure a fantastic sleeper (and happy mommy and daddy!) We continue to recommend her to all our friends and family!



Meghan Hill

Dawn is amazing. My son is 21 months now and he has not woken up in the middle of the night since Labour Day 2014! Being a mum who works full time- counting on a good nights sleep makes my life so much easier, the simple structure that Dawn set out creates amazing results and she is so lovely and nice on top of everything. Best money I ever spent.



Wendy De Hass

Dawn saved us in a potty training crisis. We had a few weeks to train our daughter before she started pre-school, and with Dawn’s help, it only took days. We would definitely recommend Dawn because her methods work. Had we done this months before, it would have saved us a lot of frustration. She truly is an expert when it comes to children.



Wendy Cheng

Our baby had difficulty sleeping for long stretches since birth. I was sleep deprived for 5 months. We assumed our baby would sleep on his own but I became his sleep prop, rocking him to sleep when he woke up 3-5 times a night. I envied mothers who looked refreshed and happy with their young infant and I deeply resented my situation, wondering what we were doing wrong. Then I heard Dawn speak at SCBP and thought she would be helpful one day. The one day came when I was so exhausted from hearing, reading and researching on sleep training. Her approach to sleep training is much more realistic and solid. We followed the plan to the ‘t’. Our son slept through the night that evening we started training. Though tears happened, they stopped and wow…our son was a happy camper because he was getting a solid 11-12 hours sleep. I tell everyone I meet who has sleep issues with their child what a wonderful program – I can’t speak highly enough about Dawn and her personal service to us.



Christina Grant

Dawn has been amazing. We consulted her with both our children. With our oldest child, My husband and I could not agree on a sleep training method. Dawn was suggested by a friend, we are forever grateful to Dawn for restoring sleep to our household! My husband and I both agreed we should consult Dawn when our second child was born. We now have two kids who sleep amazingly well.

I highly recommend- it’s worth every penny.



Simer Grewal

Dawn saved our sanity. She helped us with both of our troublesome sleepers, including the younger who had terrible reflux. But with her help he was sleeping through the night at 3 months. No mombie over here! I would absolutely recommend her to EVERY parent of a young child who isn’t already falling asleep on their own and sleeping through the night, because sleep deprivation is not a necessity of parenthood. Really.


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