“Remember that time we lost our one year-old’s bunny stuffie in Croatia and you had to buy it back from a street collector?”


I ask my husband this question every now and then when we’re considering travelling with our kids. We love travel so much, but it looks a lot different now than it did five years ago, when we were young(ish) and didn’t have three little cheeky chops travelling with us. 


Sometimes it includes carting three heavy car seats around airports. Often it involves one or more children napping on my lap mid-flight while I’m wondering just how long my bladder will hold out for. And once, only once, it involved my husband combing the streets of Split, Croatia at dusk for the bunny we’d left in a taxi earlier that day. 


But that is another story for another time (and if my husband tells it, it is a long one). I’m here to help you answer the question around whether you want to travel with your baby or child. 


The short answer is this: yes, you do. The long answer is this: yes, you do, and consider my four travel tips:


1) Do a little bit of prep work (for example, does your rental property include a travel crib or can you rent one?)

2) Pack half of what you think you’ll need. Except diapers. Pack extra. 

3) Try not to worry too much about flights. Your priority on board is the safety and comfort of your little one, not the comfort of the passengers around you. Besides, the air circulation systems drown out a lot of noise on planes. 

4) Expect sleep will be a little “off” if you’re changing time zones. If this is the case, try to get yourself and your little one on the schedule of the place you’re travelling to as soon as possible. 


And never, ever leave your child’s bunny in a taxi.


Lindsay is the mother of three young children and enjoys travelling with them . . . anywhere that doesn’t require a layover, and as long as her husband is the one carrying the car seats. These travel tips are her opinion only, based on her experience of taking 34 flights with a baby or toddler.