The things we think are easy!

It’s easy to think that a child may be able to just ‘drink’ from any kind of cup or bottle, but they can infact become quite particular.

I’ve had many parents who have had sippy cups thrown at them or launched across the room, when first offering milk in them.  Not just breastfed babies, but bottle fed babies too.

If you are trying to move away from bottles / breastfeeding and moving over to cups. Here are some things I want you to remember a few things.

Your child is learning.

This means  they have to learn how to tip the cup back and then get a different mouth/sucking action going to get the milk delivered.

Milk intake will go down.

Most of the time (99%), the milk intake will greatly reduce when first moving over to drinking milk a new way.  This can keep parents in a catch 22, were they ‘try’ the cup, here and there, but then offer the bottle or breast to ensure that the child is drinking enough milk.

Here’s 3 tips to help

1. Normalize the sippy cup.

As soon as your child is eating solids, normalize sippy cups, by offering water in them with all meals that take place in a high chair, or eating at a table.

2. Younger is better than older.

For both breastfed and bottle fed babies around 9 months, choose a middle of the day feeding (between 10am and 2pm) and offer milk (either expressed breastmilk or formula) into a sippy cup. ( to replace a feeding).  Expect your child to be upset initially.  Don’t expect them to guzzle from the cup like the they do the breast or bottle.

 If you are worried about them being hungry DON’T offer the bottle or your breast as a back up, offer a small snack instead.

3. Perseverance pays off.

Only if you re consistent will your child be too – don’t buy 10 cups, choose one and stick with it to hep your child learn how to use it.

If you need help with removing bottle, weaning off the breast or general advice on feeding, contact us for more information and guidance.